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Greater Lansing Area, United States, North America
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Job type:
Full time
Apply before:
05 Feb, 2018

Help Desk Associate

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Our client is an IT Managed Solution Provider (MSP) based out of Mason, MI. Founded in 2005, the client specializes in cost effective solutions for small business (1-100 users), with a specialization in Healthcare, Legal, and Non Profit environments. The client utilizes Automation to achieve reliability, efficiency, and satisfaction for their client base, and expects all employees to fully embrace the concept of if an issue occurs more than once, all attempts should be made to automatically remediate that issue in a proactive manner. They are looking for a Help Desk Technician to join their team.

The following are high level requirements for this role:

  • 1-2 years of professional IT experience
  • Mix of current certifications or willing to obtain them
  • A “can do” attitude with motivation to continue learning and growing as a professional


  • Follow up on tickets effectively.  For example, don’t just ask if we can work on the ticket now, find a time that they will be available.  Define the problem, who, what, when, where does this occur for clients.  For Vendors, is this resolved, what is our Next Point of Action, how can we fix this right now?
  • Use tools effectively (LT, SC, Phone, Email, Chat, Google, Documentation, Team, Vendors, Backups, Scripts, Education).  Don’t just use one small part of what you have available.  You need to use everything at your disposal to try and solve problems.  There are often times multiple paths to the goal, try them all.
  • Be Professional, be confident, have a professional appearance
  • Educate yourself.  You are your greatest tool, education makes the tool that much better
  • Manage your time effectively, don’t let yourself get sucked into a time trap.  If you are burning time on a ticket, don’t be afraid to escalate
  • Be positive and supportive, to clients, to vendors, and to other members of the staff
  • Be part of the team
  • Follow procedures, policies, and processes
  • Turn your brain on.  Think about your actions/words
  • Be honest and respectful
  • Be accountable and hold others accountable
  • Document effectively, if you didn’t document it, you didn’t do it.  Make sure your documentation can be clearly understood, in tickets, in confluence, in configurations, in communications
  • Adhere to policy
  • Make sure that tickets reflect the issue, steps, and resolution.  Make sure the symptom, the actual issue, our actions, and what fixed the issue are clearly recorded.  Use the resolution section of tickets for recording what finally fixed an issue.

Job keywords/tags:  Help Desk , Ticket Generation , Documentation , Communication Skills , Professionalism