RMC Holiday Fundraiser

Vets Returning Home

Recruitment Management Consultants (RMC) is proud to announce our sponsorship of Vets Returning Home this Holiday Season. Vets Returning Home is a Michigan based nonprofit with a mission to support the American Veterans in crisis, and return to them the stability, pride, and honor they deserve as they return home to Michigan. We are extending an invitation to the RMC network to support our initiative through a donation option via our Website.

RMC will be combining your donation with a match of the proceeds to support the 43 Veterans currently residing at the Vets Returning Home facility. More specifically, we will be providing Smart Bus Passes, which will allow for the Veterans to attend job interviews and doctor appointments, as well as take trips to the VA and visit family. We will also be providing each Veteran with a small gift for the Holidays.

Thank you for supporting RMC, the Veterans Returning Home organization . . . and most importantly, thank you to our Veterans!

*Each person who donates will get their name put into a drawing to win one of three Amazon Echo Dots*

Help Our Veterans by Donating Now!